Radio has been a popular entertainment medium for decades in Somalia, especially in large cities like Mogadishu, Hargeisa, Bosaso, and Kismayo.

People of all ages enjoy listening to the radio and the shows they broadcast. Somalia’s first radio station was Radio Mogadishu.

During Barre’s regime, it became the most important radio station in the country. Radio stations owned by private companies have been broadcasting daily shows and music in Somalia for the last 30 years.

The Top 10 radio stations in Somalia

Top 10 radio stations in Somalia

Radio Name City Year
Radio Shabelle Mogadishu 2002
Horseed Media Bosaso 2002
Radio Garowe Garowe 2003
Mustaqbal Radio Mogadishu 2012
Risaala Radio Mogadishu 2011
Goobjoog FM Mogadishu 2012
SBC Radio Bosaso 2001
Star FM Radio Mogadishu 2005
Kulmiye radio Mogadishu 2011
Ifiye Radio Canada 2013