Somali music has lost one of its most revered singers, Amina Abdullahi Hirsi, who passed away today in Borama. Amina, renowned for her musical prowess and acting abilities, had been integral to Somalia’s art scene for almost three decades.
Born between the northern Somali cities of Wajale and Borama, Amina was brought up in Djibouti, where she was exposed to the thriving Somali art scene at a young age. Her career in the arts began in 1966, and over the years, Amina performed in numerous concerts and collaborated with several renowned Somali musicians.

Amina Abdullahi Hirsi

A portrait of Amina Abdullahi Hirsi, the late Somali singer and actress, who passed away on March 18, 2023.

Amina’s talent and dedication to her craft led her to the city of Hargeisa, where she joined the choir of Radio Hargeisa before becoming a member of the famed band, Waberi. Throughout her career, Amina recorded many timeless songs, including “Sharacalee,” “Gari Makaa Baxdaa,” and “Siyar.”
In addition to her music, Amina was also an accomplished actress, featuring in various plays and programs that were popular among Somalis at the time. Notably, she starred in the play “Dab Jacayl Kari Waa,” written by poet Hassan-Ganey in 1973 and presented the following year in Hargeisa.
Amina’s passing is a tremendous loss to the Somali music community and her fans worldwide, who will remember her for her outstanding talent and contributions to Somali art. We deepest sympathize with Amina’s family, friends, and fans during this difficult time.
May Allah grant her Jannah.