Edmonton, Alberta, is home to one of the largest Somali communities in Canada, with more than 10,560 Somalis residing in the city, according to the 2021 Statistics Canada census. The Somali community in Edmonton has become an integral and thriving part of the city’s diverse fabric, making significant contributions to the local economy, government, and society.
Abdirhaman, a member of the Somali community who has lived in Edmonton for many years, recently discussed the Somali community’s contributions to the city in an interview for CT Somali’s video program. Abdirhaman highlighted the community’s involvement in non-profit organizations and government offices and their ownership of various businesses, including grocery stores, clothing shops, and cosmetic stores.
The Somali community’s involvement in politics is also notable, with many members running for and winning political offices at all levels of government, including municipal, provincial, and federal elections. The community’s participation in local politics reflects their desire to have a voice and make a difference.
In addition to their business and political involvement, members of the Somali community in Edmonton are also active in community service, volunteering their time and resources to local non-profit organizations. These organizations provide essential services to those in need, and many community members work for them to help make a positive impact.
One of the most notable non-profit organizations in Edmonton that the Somali community contributes to is the Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton (SCCSE), which was founded to address the needs of Somali Canadian parents regarding their children’s education and the requirements of new Somali Canadian immigrants. Another organization making a difference in the Somali community is the Somali Canadian Education & Rural Development Organisation (SCERDO), which promotes the educational and developmental needs of primarily Somalis in Alberta, across Canada, and internationally.
The Somali community’s contributions to Edmonton extend beyond non-profit organizations and politics. Abdirhaman also spoke about the community’s significant presence in the transportation industry, with many members owning and operating taxis, trucks, and other transportation services. This contribution helps support the local economy and provides essential transportation services to the community.
Overall, the Somali community’s contributions to Edmonton are vast and diverse, making them a valuable and integral part of the city’s fabric. Through their involvement in business, politics, and community service, the Somali community is making a positive impact and helping to shape the city’s future.

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