Somalia has a rich musical heritage that has been centred on traditional Somali folklore since 1940, but in 2023 a young singer initiative is set to revolutionize the industry. This group of rising stars has already begun to establish their presence in the music scene and challenge Somalia’s long-standing conventions.

The innovative artists are determined to bring something new and exciting to the world of Somali music by seamlessly blending traditional Somali rhythms with elements from other genres like hip-hop using the latest musical technology.

Their creativity is sure to inspire a new era of Somali music that will appeal both to old fans and those who may be discovering the culture for the first time.

Somali singers have been making waves in the African music industry for decades, but they have yet to make their mark on the international stage. Despite this, Somali singers continue to impress with their unique and captivating sound. From powerful vocalists like Haboon Nura and Suldaan Seeraar to innovative producers like Dj Zubeer, Somali musicians have a lot to offer the music world.

Throughout this article, we will look at the top ten young Somali singers in 2023 that you should keep an eye out for.

#1 Haboon Nuura


Haboon Nuura, the young Somali singer, is taking the Somali music world by storm with her incredible vocal talent and innovative style. Ruura’s music combines traditional Somali sounds with modern western influences for a unique sound that has gained her instant success. She is killing it in the industry, catching fans’ attention from all over Somali Music.

Her debut single, ‘Saadaali Guusheenna‘ which means ” predict our success,” was released in 2022 and has since become her first hit song. With her powerful yet moving vocals, she quickly rose to fame in East Africa’s music industry.

You might want to give it listen to “Saadaali Guusheenna”

Predict our success by Haboon Noora

As an artist inspired by traditional Somali music and modern-day world beats, Nuura’s songs are a unique blend of both genres that capture the hearts of her many listeners. She is also known for experimenting with lyrics and rhythms to create something extraordinary and captivating.

#2 Suldaan Seeraar

Suldaan Seerar- Photo by Waqal Studio YouTube Channel

Suldaan Seerar is a Somali singer with an incredible vocal range and talent. He is determined to make Somali music hit again and prove that the world needs to pay more attention to this vibrant music culture. With his ambitious attitude and powerful voice, Suldaan Seerar knows exactly what it takes to create a successful track.

This rising star has been singing since he was a child and has developed an instantly recognizable sound. His songs have catchy melodies, evocative lyrics which draw on traditional Somali poetic techniques, and unique rhythms blended almost magically.

When recently asked why he chose to become a singer, Suldaan opened up about how music has always been his passion since childhood. He told of how it began as a hobby when he was growing up in Somalia but gradually evolved into something more meaningful.

After being encouraged by his friends to pursue singing professionally in adulthood, Suldaan decided one day to take the plunge and follow through with it.

The talented artist has become a viral hit on social media after releasing several singles on YouTube. His unique blend of Somali traditional music and modern beats has attracted thousands of fans worldwide.

Here is one of his beautiful love songs entitled “iisoo noqo” which translates to “comeback to me”.

The heartfelt track is one of the artist’s best songs. It speaks to the deep longing and yearning for someone to come back into your life. Through delicate production and powerful vocals, Suldaan effortlessly captures the pain of hope in this melancholy tune.

#3 Nimcaan Hilaac

Nimcaan Hilaac

Nimcaan Hilaac is a Somali singer who has been creating music since his teens. The artist was born in Boorama, Somalia and started his musical career early on in the town. He began by participating in local cultural events and singing at small gatherings.

However, when he joined the famous band Xidigaha Geeska, Nimcaan found success as a musician and became well-known throughout the country. After working with the group for some years, Nimcaan eventually pursued a solo career.
His most successful work as a solo singer includes ‘Dabar‘, ‘Labac Labac‘ and ‘Walow‘. All three of his songs have become popular in Somalia and have gained him recognition from fans worldwide.

Nimcaan now lives in Ohio and has continuously released singles over the past few months. Despite fans’ expectations that his music would improve when he moved to the United States, there has been little change in production or lyricism. Nimcaan’s previous releases have been met with mixed reviews from fans and critics alike; while some praise his unique vocal style and instrumentation, others feel that his songs lack variety and originality.

However, Nimcaan’s most recent single, ‘Dadku Aamin Mawada Aha‘, has increased in popularity due to its upbeat sound and catchy chorus. The song highlights that different people behave differently when it comes to trust.

let us listen to one of his very first songs called “Dabar,” which literally translates to “Legcuffs.” The song explores gratitude and appreciation for Yasmin, who has provided care and shelter to him.

#4 Amiin Yare

Amiin Yare

Amiin Yare, known to his many fans as “Yare”, is a young and talented Somali singer. His vocal range and skill are nothing short of remarkable, leaving his fans in awe every time he hits the stage or releases a new track. At a very young age, Amiin has already made waves in the music industry with his unique sound that blends traditional Somali music into a soothing contemporary sound.

His rise to fame began when he released his debut single, “Hadal Hayntu Waa Sharaf” in 2021. The song was an instant hit among Somali youth in Somalia and cemented Yare’s place as one of the most promising voices coming out of Somalia today. Since then, Yare has been working hard to share his talents with audiences across the globe.

Amiin Yare recently shared his dream to visit Canada in the near future. When asked what places he would like to explore when given the opportunity, Amin said Canada tops his list.

He has been gaining recognition for his unique sound and has collaborated with many other famous artists to feature singles with him. Female artists such as Farhia Fiska, Hodan Abdi, and others have helped propel Yare’s career forward with their notable presence on his tracks.

His collaborations are being hailed as groundbreaking because of the way they represent mixed collaboration.

“Qalad kaa dhacay maalin” has become an instant hit. It features the beautiful vocal representation of Amiin Yare, an acclaimed Somali singer. The vibrant, captivating lyrics and musical composition are genuinely remarkable, making it one of the most popular songs on YouTube.

One of his most popular singles is the song “Qalad Kaa dhacay Maalin”.

Amiin YAre

#5 Roodo Kayf

Roodo Kayf 2023

Roodo Kayf, an up-and-coming Somali singer, has garnered attention for her covers of legendary Somali female singers such as Sahra Ahmed and Khadra Daahir.
As the first artist to ever young attempt to “raw” cover their songs modernly, Roodo’s versions have become instant fan favourites within the Somali music community and beyond.

Her captivating smile and bubbly personality have won over audiences across Somalia. Her upbeat music has been embraced by generations of listeners, creating a deep connection between them.

Her fashion sense is also well-loved in her homeland; each song release comes with its own signature look that captures both traditional and contemporary elements of Somali culture. Her signature look includes bright colours, intricate designs, and modern silhouettes that combine to create eye-catching dresses and accessories. She is also known for her special dance moves, which are said to be inspired by the traditional dances of Somalia’s many ethnic groups.

Roodo has been storming the Somali music industry with her bold and unapologetic sound. Her latest single, “Hadaad I rabto I raali gali” is a perfect example of this as it translates to “You owe me an apology if you need me”. The song showcases Roodo Kayf’s unique style for fashion and movement in a way that has captivated fans worldwide.

Haddad I rabto By Roodo Kayf 2023

#6 Abdiwali Kingeero


The late legendary Somali singer Abdi Tahliil, who passed away in 2020, has left behind a legacy of a rich Falsetto sound that continues to inspire young singers. Abdiwali Kingeero, a new and upcoming Somali singer, is one of many talented vocalists who have attempted to cover the iconic songs of Abdi Tahliil. However, the complexity of his Falsetto range makes it difficult for even the most seasoned singers to do justice while performing his work.

Kingeero recently released an Onkod ‘Abdi Tahliil Tribute’ EP dedicated to the late artist as a homage and honouring his memory through song.

Abdiwali Kingeero is an incredibly talented singer from Mogadishu, Somalia. His fame and success skyrocketed after his appearance on Mogadishu’s “Got Talent” show. Since then, he has been a significant sensation on social media, with fans worldwide tuning in to hear his unique sound and style.

Kingeero has already achieved impressive success at such a young age, with millions of views on his videos online and live performances across the capital.

People have been inviting him to perform at their events in Mogadishu.

Abdiwali Kingeero has released a much-anticipated cover song of Abdi Tahliil Ahmed’s classic “Gaara bidhaan” (or “Fireflies” in English).

Gaara bidhaan by Kingeero

#7 Saalax Sanaag

Saalax Sanaag

Salaax Sanaag is another young singer who has been producing songs in the music scene over the past three years.
He graduated from a university in Hargiesa in 2020 and has since pursued his dreams of being an artist, which has certainly paid off.
Salaax’s single “Urugo” has been watched over 4 million times on Youtube in just a few short months since its release.

The song is an infectious Afrobeat track that blends traditional Somali instrumentation with new and modern production techniques.

The chorus of Salaax’s song goes: “Despite my desire to forget her and leave her alone/ Despite my desire to persevere and remain silent/ There is no way I can afford.” These lyrics resonate with anyone who has experienced the pain of unrequited love. Salaax’s unique voice brings an added layer of emotion that will tug at your heartstrings, making it impossible not to feel deeply connected with his story.

In anticipation of the year 2023, he released a new single titled “Sanadkeygii noqo“. The words translate to “Be my year” and have resonated with music fans worldwide. In less than a month after its release, the song has accumulated over one million views on Youtube.

Sanadkeygii Noqo By Saalax Sanaag

In conclusion, it is clear that the Somali music industry has seen a significant shift in the past decade. In 2023, three of the most popular Somali singers are Haboon, Suldaan, Nicmaan, Amiin, Roodo,Abdiwali, and Saalax. These artists have captured the attention of Somali audiences worldwide, and their impact on the music industry can be felt worldwide. Their success has opened up a new world of opportunities for upcoming Somali musicians and established Somalia as an emerging hub for global music.