According to a recent rumour, Somali singer Halima Gobad might return to the music industry after years of absence.

The rumour began circulating after a fan posted Halima’s recent photo on social media. The fan claimed that the singer was working on new music and that she would be coming back soon.

This news has surprised many fans, as Halima Gobad has not been active in the music industry for several years. It was rumoured that Halima left the Somali music industry after she got married in Sweden. Some fans already knew this and were not surprised when she stopped releasing new music. Others were shocked and disappointed that one of their favourite artists was no longer active. While it is not known why Halima left the industry, it is clear that she is no longer producing new music for at least a year.

If the rumours are true, then this would be a fascinating development for fans of Halima Gobad. She is an incredible talent, and it would be great to see her back in the music scene.

Fans believe she would have taken down her YouTube channel if she had been absent for religious reasons. Her famous YouTube channel hosts all of her music videos.